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Our Health Commitment

MCAC is fully committed to keeping our members safe, healthy, and active as we navigate this post-COVID world together. Our team working diligently to keep our facilities clean, our members updated on our procedures, and doors open. Take a look below to learn more about our approach to keeping you safe in every class, game, and workout session. 

Using innovative tech for cleaning.

If you have visited MCAC recently, you may have noticed our incredible staff making the rounds through our facility - from the tennis courts to our lobby to our equipment spaces - with our new spray guns carrying Viking Pure. Viking Pure is a chemical- and toxin-free spray that's harmless to humans and animals, but deadly against every pathogen it's ever been scientifically tested against. We are on a mission to continue to advance our cleaning protocols and keep our members safe and we're excited to introduce Viking Pure to our sanitizing routines. 

Keep it clean.

Cleaning supplies - including products to clean equipment - can be found throughout MCAC. And our incredible staff will be making frequent rounds to sanitize throughout the day.

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