COVID-19 Updates

Since March 16th 2020, Mid-Cape Athletic Club has remained in compliance with the federal mandate in the efforts to slow the transmission of COVID-19. We will continue to keep our community updated on our offerings, safety procedures, and more. Take a look below to learn more about our recent announcements and be sure to reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns. 


At MCAC, we take our sanitizing procedures very serious with the goal of keeping our members and safe happy and healthy throughout these uncertain times.


If you have visited MCAC recently, you may have noticed our incredible staff making the rounds through our facility - from the tennis courts to our lobby to our equipment spaces - with our new spray guns carrying Viking Pure. Viking Pure is a chemical- and toxin-free spray that's harmless to humans and animals, but deadly against every pathogen it's ever been scientifically tested against. We are on a mission to continue to advance our cleaning protocols and keep our members safe and we're excited to introduce Viking Pure to our sanitizing routines. If you see our staff spraying away, be sure to say hi!

To learn more about Viking Pure, click here.

  1. Masks must be kept on you at all times

  2. Cardio:  Masks required, this equipment cannot be spaced 14ft apart. The equipment is marked 6 feet apart and select machines will be kept out of use to create necessary spacing. Please do not remove these markings. 

  3. Free Motion area (our gray & black equipment across Group Ex room): Masks required, these machines cannot be spaced 14 feet apart. The equipment is marked 6 feet apart. 

  4. Weight Room & Functional Areas: Masks required, this equipment cannot be spaced 14ft apart. The equipment is marked 6 feet apart and select machines will be kept out of use to create necessary spacing. Please do not remove these markings. 

  5. Main Lobby: Masks required. 

  6. Tennis courts: Masks required. Masks must be put on/pulled up when within 14 feet of another player.



  • Try out different masks and see which one is the most breathable. The masks made by Mission or Prolook Sports seem to be a fan favorites. (We also have MCAC logo masks for sale from Prolook Sports!) 

  • Please keep the mask above the bridge of your nose to be sure it can do its job keeping you and everyone around you safe. 

  • You may pull your mask down to hydrate, but please pull it back up when done.

  • Please feel free to step out of class for a quick outdoor mask break if need be. 

  • Don't hesitate to take it down a notch until you are comfortable wearing your mask — you’ll still get a great workout, and your happy, healthy mind will thank you!


Indoor group exercise classes:

  • Limited to 7 people (as of December 26th). 

  • Takes place inside the group ex studio in MCAC.

  • Equipment can be used but not shared and must be sanitized after class.

  • Masks required as of December 13, 2020

Spinning classes (canceled from December 26th-January 10th):

  • Limited to 9 people.

  • Takes place in designated Spinning room with brand new partitions between each bike.

  • Must wear facial covering/mask before class and when social distance of 6+ feet cannot be maintained.

Zoom classes:

  • No limit, no masks required.

  • Sign up on your member portal and directions for the Meeting ID and password are in the class description.

  • Please email if you have any problems.

Personal training:

  • Upon arrival, a staff member will check your temperature.

  • Before entering training room, please use the provided hand sanitizer;

  • Trainer will maintain 6 feet apart and will wear a mask during session;

  • Sessions will be limited to 50 minutes to allow staff to thoroughly clean all equipment following session.


  • All players will maintain 6 feet apart at all times;

  • Upon arrival, a staff member will check your temperature and ask you to sanitize your hands;

  • All players must bring their own balls or purchase new balls upon arrival;

  • Masks are required as of November 6, 2020.

  1. Indoor classes - including spinning, barre, yoga, and more

  2. Indoor small group training sessions

  3. Indoor rowing classes

  4. Indoor personal training sessions

  5. Indoor tennis

  6. Online classes (Members-Only)

Please check our current schedule or check in with us on social media for continued updates.

Thank you for your understanding. We will get through this together. We are a team, we are family — and we’ve got this!!!!


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