Why Shaklee?

Simple.  We found the best.  Proven to get results. Backed by science.

140 Olympic medalists use Shaklee products

Unlike most supplements that show up in the blood when tested, Shaklee’s supplements are 100% pure. Raw material is rigorously screened before going into production.  No contaminants allowed. Costly tests that most companies can’t afford.

A Culture of Care

Dr. Shaklee invented the “vitamin” after recovering from a life threatening illness through eating whole fresh food.  He confirmed there is curative power in food and wanted to make that potency available to all, not just those living on farms.  Shaklee’s supplements are in Natures balance.

Aligns our health-span with our lifespan

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, Nobel Prize winner for her work with Telomers (the end caps that protects our genes) is affiliated with Shaklee and together created Vivix (slows aging at the cellular level).  Shaklee gives us a healthy life, not just a long life.

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