Member of the Month

JULY 2021

Name: Peter Michael Bach


Hometown: Woodmere LI, NY


Age: 76


Occupation: Retired Presbyterian Minister (UPCUSA); owner

of Joy House B and B


What are your interests, hobbies, and talents outside of MCAC? Rock n'roll music

and all Philadelphia sports teams


When you’re not at MCAC, where would we find you?  At home in Dennis Port, MA with spouse (Barbara Bach) and our three beagles


What days/times are you normally at MCAC? Monday through Saturday in the early AM


Tell us about your sports and fitness background. I do a great deal of walking with our newest beagle, Minnie and I try to play and then play some more on the tennis courts of Mid Cape.


When did you start at MCAC? How did you first get exposed to MCAC? How did your first couple of workouts go? To be truthful I workout on the tennis courts every day and then I go home and take a nap. I love a good nap.


What is your favorite movement/workout? I sprint down the hallway  in our home attempting to beat our fastest beagle, Minnie the moocher.  I have consistently finished twice in that attempt.


What impact has MCAC had on your life? As a type 2 diabetic for over 25 years, my tennis playing has kept me in a favorable range of AIC ; I have lost considerable weight to the extent that I now weight less than I did when I was in first form at Lawrenceville.


Do you have a favorite MCAC moment?  Absolutely when I hit a deep, high lob over the fan blades on court 4; the ball hit my opponent's base line and I hit the shot of my life. I have tried to repeat the shot, but alas, just a memory.


What is your advice for people just getting started or thinking about starting MCAC?  Plunge in and sweat to the oldies, get to know the club pros, and never give up.


What is keeping you at MCAC?  The terrific community of players we have produced at Mid Cape in the MENACE, friends and fiends alike. And the staff with their positive, upbeat spin on life.