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Member of the Month

Feburary 2024


John & Denise

Sagamore Beach

58 & 57

Financial Analyst and Accounting 


What are your interests, hobbies, and talents outside of MCAC? 

John enjoys running and working on the yard.  Denise enjoys gardening, running and playing Mahjong.

When you’re not at MCAC, where would we find you? 

Hanging out with our neighbors Michelle, Nicki and Deanna.  Walking our grand-pup Dixie on the beach and hiking on Cape Cod.
What days/times are you normally at MCAC?

Early evenings.

Tell us about your sports and fitness background. 

Running after Zack when he was young!  Used to run 10ks when we were dating and now run half marathons.


When did you start at MCAC? How did you first get exposed to MCAC? How did your first couple of workouts go? 

We moved up here from Maryland and Denise continued her tennis and joined a team captained by Netty.  She made it so enjoyable that Denise stayed at Mid-Cape and encouraged John to start playing tennis.  

What is your favorite movement/workout?

We focus on tennis and working out but have participated in a Spin class and enjoyed it.

What impact has MCAC had on your life? 

It made the move from Maryland easier as we made friends and found a great facility to stay healthy. 

Do you have a favorite MCAC moment?

For John, it is playing with his son Zack recently in a league and recent tournament and we always love playing tennis together.  Helping organize the April 2023 Pickleball Tournament for the American Cancer Society at Mid-Cape.  Most importantly, being able to know we will be parking in the closest spot in one of the coldest months.

What is keeping you at MCAC?

Friends and family.  It is like the Cheers show, "where everybody knows your name and they're glad you came". 

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