Member of the Month


Name:  David


Hometown: Yarmouth Port


Age: 56 years old 


Occupation: Designer


What are your interests, hobbies, and talents outside of MCAC?  

Cooking for friends. Co-writing series of murder mystery books. 


When you’re not at MCAC, where would we find you?   

At home. 


What days/times are you normally at MCAC?  

I try to fit a workout in every day if I can. 


When did you start at MCAC? How did you first get exposed to MCAC? How did your first couple of workouts go?  

Started at MCAC 21 years ago when I moved in the area. Started with a personal trainer to develop a good routine and understanding of the equipment. 


What is your favorite movement/workout? 

Using the new machines. Anything with cables is great. 


What impact has MCAC had on your life?  

Helps keep me in shape while getting older.  

What is your advice for people just getting started or thinking about starting MCAC? 

Get someone to show you around and get you familiar with the equipment.


What is keeping you at MCAC?   

It is a very convenient location. Makes it easy to show up and workout.