Member of the Month

December 2022

Name: Alex and Burt Scopeletis 
Hometown: Washington, DC (Alex) and Bryn Mawr, PA (Burt)
Age: 45 (Alex) and 46 (Burt)
Occupation: actor/director for children’s theatre (Alex)

and network engineer (Burt)

Dec MoM.jpeg

What are your interests, hobbies, and talents outside of MCAC? 

We enjoy hosting/entertaining friends and family and spending time with our dog. We’re also huge biathlon fans and follow the IBU World Cup closely. We love to travel and are hoping to hit the French Open this spring. When you’re not at MCAC, where would we find you?  Exploring the paths of the Cape with our coonhound/lab mix, Tarly.

What days/times are you normally at MCAC?

We both play during the day, but also play town team at night. We’re at MCAC quite a lot!
Tell us about your sports and fitness background.

Alex took up tennis about six years ago, and Burt started playing not long after that—but he played squash and ran track/cross-country throughout his youth.
When did you start at MCAC? How did you first get exposed to MCAC? How did your first couple of workouts go? We joined MCAC in the fall of 2020. (We knew we wanted to join a tennis club and had seen the building many times as we drove down Route 6.) We also knew a number of members, so we knew it would be a good fit for us. We were impressed with how quickly we were integrated into club activities and groups, so we felt at home almost immediately! Also, the staff are all so friendly and professional!
What is your favorite movement/workout?

Alex loves live ball and can be found in multiple clinics each week. She also loves playing in the groups that Marj organizes each week. Burt really enjoys town team.
What impact has MCAC had on your life?

We’ve made so many good friends and feel like we’re part of a wonderful community.
Do you have a favorite MCAC moment?

We love playing doubles together whenever we have the chance! 
What is your advice for people just getting started or thinking about starting MCAC?

Do it!! The people are great and so friendly!! You’ll never regret it!! 

What is keeping you at MCAC?  

The caliber of tennis is excellent, and we’ve made so many friends. We can’t imagine playing anywhere else!