Personal Training

"Whether you are new to personal training or you want to be better at what you already do, our number one objective is to reduce injury risk. This is accomplished through careful consideration of setting up the right training experience so your body has a chance to respond and therefore adapt.

The human body will always give up quality for quantity, survival dictates it. Our job is to help you restore the lost quality. ‘First move well, then move often.’ We build patterns through practice, so it is important to practice well.”

– Mission statement from head trainer Sarah Dowcett

Your trainer will provide you with the encouragement, motivation and energy to jumpstart your fitness routine – and keep it going.


Your trainer holds you accountable, and helps you get over obstacles that sabotage your commitment.


Your trainer provides credible information and direction.


You will build confidence as well as strength with proper technique and the know-how to navigate the gym.

Why Personal Training

Why Personal Training

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