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Team and Small Group Training

Team trainings are small group workouts, conducted in a private space, reserved specifically for the session. Each program is designed to help you achieve your goal by progressing you through a series of increasingly challenging workouts. Your trainer will be with you the entire time to provide support and professional guidance, motivation and assurance that you are on the right track. Please register in advance at the front desk or by calling 508-394-3511.

Thanks to the Row Team Training, I have lost 14 pounds and several inches! Due to multiple knee surgeries, most cardio classes are painful. However, with this workout I have absolutely no pain! There is no stress on my body and I get a total body workout.  Jenn is a great instructor, plays awesome music, and is very motivating.  She really creates a team atmosphere and we all look forward to going to class to row with our “crew"!


– Marie Boyd

Indo-Row + TRX

Ongoing team training

The rowing circuit is team training. The class size is limited to ensure everyone gets plenty of personal attention, coaching, and motivation! 

See our class schedule for days & times

10-class pass: 180

Drop in: $20

Adult Small Group Training

8-week series (March 4th-April 26th) 

Meets 2x | 16 sessions

Tues/Thurs 7:30 AM, 9:30AM, 1:30PM, 2:30PM or 3:30PM

Limited to 4 people per session


For those who prefer a smaller class size and would like more personalized attention from the trainer, we offer small group training programs. This well-rounded program includes a combination of weight training, cardiovascular, neuromuscular (balance/coordination), and flexibility exercises, geared to help you keep in shape all year long!  

$480 for members | $560 for non-members

Submit an interest form here.

Group Training FAQs

Is there a special diet to follow?

No. We do recommend basic healthy eating strategies and love the guidance and support of Precision Nutrition. 

Do I need a fitness tracker?

We love trackers and apps, but this is an individual decision. We recommend MyZone for heart rate monitor system and MyFitnessPal for diet and exercise. 

I'm not sure what exercises are right for me. How do I get help?

We will start with a function movement screen and discuss your health history and may require a doctors' note of approval before beginning the program. We will give you an individual exercise plan that works for you.

What if I miss a group workout? Can I make it up? 

You will be given "homework" to make sure you stay on track! There are also lots of great classes on our schedule!

What if I decide the program is not for me and want to drop out? 

There are no refunds so please think carefully before you make the commitment. We only accept a limited number of participants, and we often have to turn people away as this is a very popular program. In fact, the majority of our participants are sad to see the session coming to a close... they always went to keep going! The camaraderie of the team, the motivation from the coach and the progress you will make is addictive! You will not want to quit!

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