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Image by Prashant Gurung

As you already know, we are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to improve our tennis programming and create unique play opportunities for our players. As such, we will be incorporating UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) into our programming and creating new and exciting tournaments, events, and matchplay opportunities for all of our players. UTR Powered by Oracle is a global rating system that promotes fair and competitive play across the tennis world. All players, regardless of age, gender, geography, or skill level, are rated on the same scale between 1.00 and 16.50 based on actual match results.

-Brandon Cutter Tennis Director

UTR provides a real-time view of a player's true skill level. Having a UTR enables you to track your progress, find level-based play and expand your tennis network to play with people across age, gender and ability level. Tennis directors, league coordinators and team captains can field more competitive matches with fewer lopsided results.


UTR is calculated by an algorithm using a player's last 30 eligible match scores from the last 12 months.


Every tennis player can have a UTR. UTR provides an accurate measurement of a player's true skill level, whether you are a recreational, junior, high school, college or pro player. If you have competed in USTA matches in the past, you may already have a rating based on these results. All you need to do is register for the FREE account with an email address. 


Once registered, search for the club “CAPE COD – BRANDON CUTTER” to request to join our digital club and the Cape Cod tennis community.


Team captains, adult tournament players, competitive high school players, college athletes and anyone wanting to take a deeper dive into stats and events from all over the world. For $8.25/month, Power Subscribers receive:

● $10 savings per Verified UTR event

● Analyze their level and their opponents with Advanced Player Analytics

● See 2 Decimal Places of their UTR rating

● Message any player or college coach on the UTR Messaging Platform

● Access College Research Tools including UTR College Fit

● Post Tennis Media to their Player Profile to get noticed

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